Citizens Governance Initiatives

Conference on Citizenship & Nationality in Central Africa

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30th september 2015

8:00-9:00  Arrival of participants

9:00-9:30  Keynote Address

9:30-12:00  Country Presentations: national overviews of citizenship & the right to nationality
Countries :
Central African Republic;
- Chad; - Republic of Congo;
- Democratic Republic of Congo;
- Gabon;
- Cameroon
- Senegal

Presentations will address the following (as applicable to their respective countries):
- Laws on citizenship and the right to nationality (international, AU and national laws), including:
conditions for access to nationality; transmission of nationality by women; birth registration; dual citizenship … etc.
- Political context & background (armed conflicts and border conflicts) and consequences for internally displaced persons; migrants and new/former citizens)
- At risk populations & socio-cultural context: barriers to birth registration; indigenous populations; migrants)

12:00-13:00  Discussions
(Questions, Answers, Comments, Remarks)


14:30-17:00  Security & Conflicts Perspectives

- Insecurity & threats to citizenship and the right to nationality
(International Refugee Rights Initiative (IRRI)/CGI Mora Community Paralegals)

- The case of Bakassi: statelessness after border dispute resolution
(National Human Rights Commission of Nigeria/UNHCR Office in West Africa)

- Discussions (Questions, Answers, Comments, Remarks)

17:0-17:30  Day Round up & Close

19:00-21h  Welcome Dinner

1st October 2015

8:00-9:00  Arrival of participants

9:00-13:00  International Responses & Initiatives on citizenship and the right to nationality

- UNHCR: Belong Campaign
(UNHCR office in Yaoundé if available) - INVITED - INVITE

- African Union & Coalition for the right to nationality campaign
(Coalition for the Right to Nationality in Africa representative/Association Sijil Jigeen, Senegal)

- The Right & Welfare of the Child
Plan International Addis Ababa Office (TBC) – INVITED


14:30-17:00  Ways Forward: Group work & Report Back

- Group 1: Identifying issues from a sub-regional perspective
- Group 2: Devising strategies to promote the Coalition’s work at national levels

17:00-17:30  Closing Remarks

19:00-20:30 Farewell Dinner

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